Dancing on Air

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Dancing on Air

DANCING ON AIR is Line's third album. The compositions reflect a desire to build bridges linking Argentina, France and Denmark. These compositions are based on folklore and rhythms of Latin music which crossbreed, kaleidoscopic contemporary jazz and electro.


Line Kruse: violin, flutes
Jean Yves Jung: piano
Lars Danielsson: bass
Minino Garay: drums, bombo & percussion
Miguel Ballumbrosio: cajón, zapateo, bata-cajón, quijada
Manu Sauvage: programming
Jean Pierre Smadja: oud
Nico Morelli: Fender Rhodes
Fabrizio Fenoglietto: bass
Michel Feugère: trumpet
Denis Leloup: trombone
Stéphane Chausse: clarinet
Julie Gros: cello