Line Kruse

Line Kruse - Hidden Stone album cover

Album release France September 2017

September 7: Péniche Marcounet, Paris SEPTET
October 11: Duc des Lombards, Paris SEPTET
December 4: Panpiper, Paris BIG BAND

The new album "Hidden Stone" is also 4 exciting live performance program options:

• Line Kruse Orchestra
• 7-tet
• 4-tet
• Line Kruse as a guest soloist, composer and arranger

From Nordic epure to latin grooves, Danish violinist and composer Line Kruse presents her new album "Hidden Stone", a dynamic new recording and live performance program.

In this fourth album, the violinist of the Gotan Project brings out her Danish roots exploring the rhythmic richness of Argentinian, Cuban and Afro-Peruvian folklore.